About us

Lunables began when an Occupational Therapist with over 30 years experience working with children discovered amazingly smooth gel crayons whilst travelling.

She brought a set home to trial with her therapy kids and it wasn't long before they started requesting the crayons each time they visited. The crayons glided smoothly over paper (and other surfaces) making it easy for children to draw and colour in with minimal effort.

The Occupational Therapist couldn't go past the incredible results her therapy kids were achieving with the crayons so she teamed up with her daughter to bring out their own range. Magic Waxi easy glide gel crayons were born! Rigorous testing has ensured that these nontoxic and skin safe crayons are perfect for littlies. They wash out of a range of materials and won't dry out if you leave their lids off. 

We plan to keep expanding our product range with items that support our goal: to bring out creativity in children so that they develop to their full potential.